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Girls' Group

 Discipleship, Natural Horsemanship, Empowerment


What We Do

If you haven't already read about it in our Programs section, Girls' Group is a scholarship funded program which is run by Reesa, Jules and three other Godly women who have a heart for serving young people and animals. We have two different Girls Groups, one that serves girls ages 6-11 and another that serves girls ages 12-18. Girls' Group includes Equine Assisted Services, wilderness activities, team building exercises, group sharing, writing, and much more. Girls' Group is held both outside and in our barn loft, a super cozy space with a wood stove. Each session start's out with a prayer, a quick check-in from each girl, an activity and finally a longer check-in and tea by the fire. Each girl is given a journal to record her experiences and for creative writing exercises. The aim of this group is to allow girls an opportunity to find discipleship, empowerment, creativity, nature, horses and mutual support in this world of uncertainty. This program is free of charge, but we do appreciate any donations from those who feel called.



Our Team's Story

Our team was completed by the divine guidance of God. When I (Reesa),  decided  to start this group, the fire was lit and nothing was going to stop it from happening! However, I knew I needed help. Shortly after creating flyers for our first event, and obtaining the help of my good friend Lily, two Young women came into our lives within the span of about a week. Both of these women had a love for Jesus, a call to horses, and a willing heart to serve young girls. When God has a plan, He certainly provides.

Meet Our Leaders

Welcoming new members! Contact Reesa to sign up

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