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Ways to Join Up

Monty Roberts coined the phrase "Join Up" to describe the beautiful moment when a horse really connects with you at liberty. If you are interested in joining up with us to learn how we train horses, help us here on the farm, or even come stay a while, please contact Jules. We are currently looking for a young male volunteer (18 or older) who can help us with a new wilderness program we are hoping to add to our offerings. We pray that those who can will help a local horse rescue, food pantry, homeless shelter, elderly neighbor, single mother, over-extended pet owner, struggling family...  We wish we had room to add everyone's links for the many organizations we support who help horses and people. Please remember the folks at Voices of the Martyrs and Asian Harvest who support persecuted Christians in other countries. Pray for those great people out west who are working day and night to keep wild horse families together, safe and wild. We are a small, family-run LLC who provides special programs free of charge for youth, military, EMS, firefighters and police. If you believe in our ministry and want to offer support for our programs, please drop us a line at

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