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Jules has been working with Pam for a couple of years now and will be participating in her upcoming Working Equitation clinic. Here is an excerpt from Pam's website explaining working equitation.

Balanced Training and Competition:  Do you ride Western?  Come on down!  Do you ride English?  Come on down!  Do you ride and are less concerned about labels than you are good riding?  Come on down! 


Working Equitation (WE) is a quickly growing equine sport both here in the US and internationally.   It is comprised of four trials: Dressage, Ease of Handling (obstacles), Speed and Cattle work. All breeds, and even gaited horses are welcomed. Visit to learn more details about this fun sport.


You may have heard about Working Equitation (WE) but not yet gotten your feet wet.  You may be looking for something that will help you and your horse develop a partnership.  You may have started a little with WE, but need a bit more information to really get going.  In any of these cases this clinic will be for you!

If you are interested in signing up, or finding out more, please head over to!


Forest Mounted Archery

In the past we have taught mounted archery to beginners, leading the horses and keeping it simple in a pasture. Everyone always had a ton of fun and these clinics are very popular. However, for us horse riding thrill seekers, we know there's much more excitement to be had. Our mounted archery clinics have evolved. Now, we only offer mounted archery clinics to experienced riders who can handle their own horses in the forest. We are open to someday offering beginning classes again, but right now it's time for the adult riders to have some fun. We are preparing for a fantastic summer with three forest mounted archery clinics, to our knowledge, the only mounted archery clinics held in the forest in New York State. Are you an experienced rider seeking a new thrill? See our Mounted Archery page for more information. See our Mounted Archery page to download our flyer/information PDFs. Contact Jules to join up!

We continue to serve our local  valley. Do you love horses? Does your child love horses? Do you want to know the Lord? Stay tuned for our events, including updates on the Girls' Groups, easy archery, bushcraft in the forest and  mounted archery clinics. We are setting up our compound bow/mounted archery course deep in the hidden wild areas of our farm. Winter sessions start a little earlier to ensure time with the ponies. Contact Jules if you want to join us as we create and build this wild, outdoor adventureland.

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