• Faithfulness,  Gentleness,  Patience

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    We had been looking for a small gentle horse to help us with our kids program for quite a while. We also wanted my horse crazy two year old son to have one to call his own. Ultimately, we ended up with a sweet 13 hand haflinger named Daisy. We love her. Daisy came to us from an adoring owner who could no longer care for her. When Daisy first arrived she was like a fish out of water. The poor girl was not expecting to be ambushed by four half wild horses who wanted to “jump her into their gang”. Though tensions were high the first week, Daisy was…

  • Gentleness,  Patience

    Starting Spirit

    If any of you are familiar with our horse, Spirit, you will know that he is our newest and “greenest” horse. A green horse is one who isn’t yet ready to ride. Before he came to us, Spirit was a race horse who pulled a cart all of his life. He wasn’t anyone’s special boy and very likely hated his job. When we first took him home he was skinny, skittish, and completely unacquainted with mud! It took him a few years to muscle up and become a real country boy before we felt comfortable doing doing any work with him. The oldest and most often used term for readying…