Our Horses


Main Horse for the Littles

Zoey is a paint quarter horse who  has been with us the longest. She was rescued by a young girl at two years old. Starved at auction, she was four hundred pounds underweight. Zoey was  purchased by Jules in 2013. She is our most well trained horse, and is very cuddly, but can become quite sassy when she feels like it! Zoey is our the best horse for working with children, and people who have never been around horses. She’s an “easy keeper.” Zoey is our primary lesson horse, including for mounted archery.

Mama & Spirit

Lead Mare and Her Male Companion

Mama is a standardbred who was rescued from horrific conditions, and a life as a former racehorse throw-away. It has taken many years and lots of love and training to get her to where she is today, and man was she worth it. Mama took some time off. She’s now being ridden again and really enjoys our time together. Mama is our best horse for quiet and gentler spirits. Mama and Spirit are soulmates.

Spirit is a standardbred and our most recent addition to the herd. We rescued Spirit fresh off of the race track! We have finally bulked him up and gotten him used to wild horse living. We have officially started him, which means that he is being trained to ride and being ridden. We expect him to excel at mounted archery and have begun using him in our children’s lessons for those a young man who has built a relationship with him. We expect him to become an all around, well balanced horse who can participate in mounted archery and beginner lessons. Spirit is especially loving and friendly to those who may be sad or lonely at heart.


Pretty Boy

Pepper is a rescued Andalusian mustang/quarter horse (mutt) who joined our herd a couple of years ago. He is a sweet boy who wants to be good! Thankfully, Jules was able to train him to back up upon first meeting him, and he has been steadily learning ever since. Pepper has been started under saddle and is learning to become a great trail horse. He almost never bucks anymore! Pepper is our best horse for those with more experience, or who have been working with us for a while.


Little Girl Horse

Daisy came from a very loving home. She was well cared for and and lived an idyllic life on lots of acres with a warm stall, loving humans, and lots of carrots and apples. Daisy’s pasture mate grew old and was put down. After that, her owner decided that Daisy should be with a herd of her own, which is how we finally came to bring Daisy home to our farm. Daisy loves being petted, groomed, and is well behaved. She’s our smallest horse and will be available for children’s lessons by the spring.

Wild Horses

Always remember….

Horses are wild, if you let them be themselves. The herd saw us walk Daisy into the upper pasture, and they come running to investigate the new girl in town.

Daisy gets jumped into the gang, first time meeting the herd. Wild horses being wild.