Faithfulness,  Gentleness,  Patience

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We had been looking for a small gentle horse to help us with our kids program for quite a while. We also wanted my horse crazy two year old son to have one to call his own. Ultimately, we ended up with a sweet 13 hand haflinger named Daisy. We love her. Daisy came to us from an adoring owner who could no longer care for her. When Daisy first arrived she was like a fish out of water. The poor girl was not expecting to be ambushed by four half wild horses who wanted to “jump her into their gang”. Though tensions were high the first week, Daisy was finally able to settle in and create a strong bond with my horse, Zoey.

Though Daisy is now comfortable with our crew, she is definitely not accustomed to how we do things here. Even so, we give her grace. Our horses on the other hand know the drill, they yield their hind quarters, back up on queue, and know not to rush a gate (with cheerful hearts of course!). I am able to bring my little one into the arena with me at any given day with faith in our furry family members’ ground manners. Though Daisy didn’t come to us understanding all of the rules, we patiently work with her and cheer her on as she grows in understanding.

The fact of the matter is, Daisy didn’t choose us, we chose her. We knew that once we adopted her, she would spend the rest of her life here. We don’t expect her to be perfect, in fact, we don’t expect the rest of our herd to be either. What matters most is that Daisy wants to be here with us, on our land, with our horses. She wants relationship and so do we. Everything that follows Daisy’s arrival is simply our journey together.

Sometimes people think that they are not ready to come to Jesus. They think that they need to clean their life up first, to act more “churched”. Well, I’m here to tell you, from personal experience, that that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jesus wants you exactly the way you are. It doesn’t matter how you talk, what you wear, or what you’ve done. No matter how far you have fallen, God wants to adopt you. So let Him. Once you’re His, you’re His. Everything that follows is simply your journey together.

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  • Norwood Susan

    Wow Reesa, this is greatly worded! I love how you transition to tell people about Christ. Keep shining your light. That beacon is about to be even more visibly bright as the darkness in our world continues to come. It is then that people will be especially looking for light like yours. It is your generation that matters so much to people in the following generation. Unfortunately with each coming generation Christian numbers seem to keep dwindling. So every single light needs to be as prominent as possible. I think you’re doing great as a beacon of Christian hope in your community.
    Well done, good and faithful servant.

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