Women’s Program

Yup. Lots of us horse people are women. Some of us are older women, including me.

Our women’s program is designed for those who are feel anxiety around their horses, who feel pushed around by their horses, and who want a better relationship with their horses. You may have had an injury that took some of your confidence, or a bad experience that left you feeling less secure in handling your horse both in the saddle and on the ground. Maybe you are just getting older (like me) and want to be sure you are safe when working with your horse on the ground and in the saddle.

What I teach first is how to use your body language to create personal space around you anytime you interact with your horse on the ground. Leading your horse from the stall to his pasture, for example, may be a time of stress for you because he forces his head and eats grass, then he runs into you or over you. Feeding time can become ridiculous. That’s a critical time and will set the stage for your horse’s behavior. Going in and out of pastures and arenas can be an issue with many horses who feel like they have to run (not walk) through all gates.

Consistent training for manners improves your safety and your horse’s respect for your boundaries. By learning how to create space between you and your horse, you will take control of his head and his feet. This personal space then translates into less anxiety for you, and surprisingly, less anxiety felt by your horse.

First, it’s great to watch you work with your horse to demonstrate what is happening that makes you uncomfortable. Often the horse owner knows what the problem is, but isn’t sure how to stop the behavior on both her part, and the horse’s part. Could it be that there are treats involved? After observing you with your horse, I’ll then demonstrate some techniques with your horse to show you how quickly horses can be taught to provide more space for you, creating a safer relationship. If you are working your way back into the saddle after a hiatus, I can help you transition back with confidence. Smiling helps!

I still get on fresh horses bareback, but only after first knowing they have displayed the right attitude on the ground. I can share my knowledge, techniques and confidence with you. Please see our Hearts in Hand Horsemanship channel for homegrown videos demonstrating the various techniques we use on fresh, sometimes wild and always interesting horses.

I will travel to work with you individually at your barn or stable, or you can meet me at Easton Meadows in Greenwich, NY if you would like to trailer in and use their beautiful indoor arena. Rates are $60 per 1.5 hour session and $20 for travel outside of a 25 mile radius from our farm. Please contact me via email or leave a comment here to discuss your current situation with your beloved horses.