Self Control

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    Be Thou Prepared

    Before hopping on your horse, it is very important to make sure that you are ready. How can you be ready to ride a horse? Well if you have any intention on riding a horse, you better make sure you have some kind of connection with her. This connection can come from years of hanging out together, or from simply spending some very intentional time together prior to riding. This usually means grooming, groundwork, etc. You cannot ride a horse whose spirit is intact without first making a connection, trust me. Now if you have a connection with the horse you intend to ride, but your mind is elsewhere, you…

  • Self Control

    The Journey

    When we start our youngsters on horseback, we typically have a few supporters walking along side them and their horse. This way they feel safe and have someone, (typically mom) to catch them when they start to slip off. The most common thing i have to reiterate to our young riders is to look up! When riding a horse, it is very important to look in the direction that you wish to go. Horses are extremely sensitive and will typically follow the direction of their rider’s gaze. Some people who are highly in tune with their horse can simply think about the direction that they want to go and their…

  • Self Control

    The Flow

    Only an hour before this photo was taken, I had been feeling very anxious, so I sought after my horse, Zoey. This glorious day marked the moment that i truly understood what it meant to hop onto God’s “flow”. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life, as many people do. Praise God for my support system and all of His provisions. One of those provisions is time with my horse, Zoey. Now I’d like to tell you that this picture is an accurate representation of my history of horsemanship and that i have always been able to just hop on my horse with nothing and fly freely…