I have known Jules for about 8 years and I have so much respect for her and the incredible work she is doing. Julie Harrell and Reesa have created an oasis for healing and self discovery through their very dedicated work on their farm and especially with the horses through Hearts in Hands Horsemanship. Jules has a gift of offering her full attention and directness to those seeking guidance and direction. She opened my mind to a whole world of understanding horses on a deeper level. Being attune to the subtle language while being assertive and direct at the same time. She taught me how to be sensitive and strong at the same time. With a stick and string in hand she trusted me to work with her horses and for them to teach me. Many valuable lessons were learned. Jules and Reesa are patient, humble teachers and they are truly doing God’s work. Offering healing for those in need with expecting nothing in return except the joy of giving. They are extremely dedicated to helping others and enriching the lives of those around them. Many are in awe of their generosity including myself. To say they will be a wonderful addition to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch is an understatement. The world is in need of places like Hearts in Hands Horsemanship. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Ariana, owner of Wild Farm, West Topsham, VT

I am writing to recommend Julie and Reesa Harrell. I have known both of these amazing women since 2017. I met Julie at a local park, where we bumped into each other and began talking about natural horsemanship. We have been friends ever since and I have learned so much from her. I have been riding since I was eight and I am a horse owner. I was having a problem connecting with my horse because I wasn’t listening to what he needed. Julie taught me how important proper groundwork was and having my horse tune into my commands at liberty. I will be forever grateful for her teachings. Julie is always willing to share her knowledge and skill set with anyone she meets. She is a great teacher and mentor. Even with her vast knowledge, Julie is humble and always looking to expand her tool set. Additionally, Julie is very aware of the safety of both horse and human.

I have watched Reesa grow from someone unsure of themselves, to someone steadfast in her beliefs and connection with God. Reesa is always looking to lend a hand and help anyone she meets. She has a nurturing nature but knows how to command an audience. Everywhere Reesa goes, she lays a vast network of roots and makes deep lasting friendships.  Reesa recently formed two girls’ groups that meet bi-weekly to do numerous outdoor activities, including natural horsemanship, and bible study. Her goal is to help the youth of today form a true relationship with God, find a sense of family and community, and to learn how to be both an outdoors woman and equestrian. She utilizes activities with horses in her study groups as teaching and talking points and relates these with the bible study she does later in the session. Julie and Reesa founded Hearts in Hand Horsemanship and their mission is to help both person and horse through natural horsemanship. They have four horses, three of which are rescues. I have seen Julie and Reesa work with children and adults and it’s truly spectacular. Both of these women have different methods and skill sets that harmonize to make a great team. In addition, they both are rooted in Christ and that is their foundation.

Lilly, horse owner, Sand Lake NY

During the past two years that I have known Jules Harrell, I have had many opportunities to witness her love for Jesus Christ through her care and connection to others. She selflessly reaches out to others that are in need through invitation to work with or handle the horses in some way. I met Jules initially as she reached out to view our horse facility in order to start a Christ centered ministry outside of her home. She has come over on many occasions to help with my small herd of horses in preparation for having them used in an equine facilitated learning group that I have been developing. She and her daughter, Reesa, have a lovely equine facilitated program with a mission to show Christ’s love to youth and individuals that have, or are currently serving our country. I believe in the mission of their LLC, Hearts in Hand Horsemanship, so much that I have them listed on my facility website with a link to their website. I highly recommend that you consider approving them as a similar operating ministry to Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch.

Pam, owner of Easton Meadows, Greenwich, NY

I want to thank you. You gave me so much encouragement at a time I felt totally lost and doubting my understanding of horses. You put me back on a path I needed and I am so grateful Jules. Thank you. I know God brings people together and I am so grateful we met. I am going to start a blog/journal about my travels with my mustang. I will write more about the beginnings later. But tonight my last paragraph is: That magical moment. I wanted it. Tonight, I fenced off an area where my mustang could flee. It was a large area, but not the entire pasture, because with my knee, the whole pasture, like what Jules used, was too much room. I spent a couple of hours moving her feet. A lot of it was even walking, bur she was moving. I was in charge keeping her moving and she was paying attention to me. I could see nervousness now and again but in the end her head was down, ear on me, and often chewing. I kept the pressure to a minimum. Albeit, in one direction, but she came to me in the end. And I scratched her. She was good about it, not like in the past where she would fling her head into me and push me. She followed me a bit. Then gave me her butt but I sent her away, again, same direction and within 2 circles, she came back in. I scratched her and rubbed her face again. This time I almost cried tears of joy from the way this felt, I buried my face in her mane and inhaled the wonderful horse smell. She embraced it. If one is sensitive to feeling, energy, experiencing things like this is just indescribable. And after this time, she walked with me, with me by her shoulder, for at least 50 feet, then halted with me. Backed when I asked her, without a pissed off, I am going to kill you look in her eye. Yielded hind quarters in one direction when I moved to face me. I did not ask for more. She stayed with me instead of Dandy, while I picked up the fencing I had strung across to shrink the pasture. It was magical, I could feel it, and I felt her respecting my space in a relaxed state. We ended with a totally different look in her eye. That of relaxation and contentment. Tomorrow, other direction. I look forward to many more horse adventures with you! Thank you.

Julie Williams, mustang owner, Arlington Vermont

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