Beginner Riding Lessons

Natural Horsemanship Creates Relationship

We offer natural horsemanship/leadership lessons for children ages 6-11 here in Cherry Plain with our horses. We also will travel to you within 50 miles of our farm and work with your horses. We teach children to learn how to work with the horse on the ground first, establishing a relationship.

We teach bareback riding before the saddle is introduced, with the emergency dismount practiced from the first time a child is on the horse. After the child becomes solid bareback, and demonstrates confidence, we progress them to the saddle. No fear, solid seat, much confidence. We rely on our parents to volunteer as helpers, especially in the beginning to ensure that all children are safe at all times.

Our training package consists of weekly or bi-weekly lessons to ensure your child receives the building blocks needed to learn concepts such as: Personal space, respect, grooming and care of the horse, cleaning of hooves including beginning farrier knowledge, loose rein handling, then finally, touch and feel. Please note, Zoey and Daisya are our primary horses used in beginning riding lessons, while Spirit and Mama are also very good with more experienced children.

To find out more about our beginner riding lessons, message Jules on Facebook or send us an email at We offer a sliding scale for lessons here on our farm so that all children who love horses have an opportunity to learn to know horses and ride with confidence.

Reesa will tell you that bareback kids make strong riders when they grow up. Our goal is for children to learn to ride well enough to shoot a bow off the back of a horse, go on trail rides and handle excited horses while remaining calm. For riders who want to go on to compete and or ride English, please see our Mentors page for excellent trainers.

All beginner riders at Hearts in Hand Horsemanship LLC start on the ground, gaining confidence and getting to know the horses. Safety is our priority. Groundwork ensures children learn how to be a “horse person.”