Why We Keep it Natural

Ever heard of the term Natural Horsemanship? Well that is what we are all about here at Hearts in Hand Horsemanship. We believe that horses are sentient beings, capable of relationship, with personalities, needs, hopes and desires. We do not consider horses to be machines, intended only for our recreation. In fact, horses can actually teach us a lot about ourselves, others and our relationship to God. Natural horsemanship is a way of training your horse by communicating with them in their own language.

All horses are prey animals who crave safety, companionship, and a herd with an established pecking order. In order to gain respect from your horse, you must become the leader of their herd. Further, you must show your horse that you are worth trusting and in doing so, your horse will walk through fire for you. Sound familiar? Only a worthy leader is capable of fostering a deep connection to their horse, and is able to help a horse reach lofty heights in their abilities. It all starts with trust.

We have come very far with our horses. They were all, at one time, battered and betrayed, yet through gentle and consistent communication, our greatest victory is the love and trust that we have gained from our furry family members. We want to welcome you to to join us in learning the language of the horse and maybe, you will also learn a little something about your relationship with God.


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