Big Bravery

This is Kaylee right before she mounts a horse for the very first time in her life. Kaylee is a 26 year old police officer who has seen her fair share of horror. Since we first met Kaylee she has shown us big bravery with our horses.

Many people are understandably nervous the first time they get up close and personal with a horse. This is due to the fact that horses are much bigger than us and could spook at any moment, (which basically means have a horse conniption). In order to keep a horse from spooking you yourself need to remain calm. Horses are very sensitive creatures and will absorb and mirror whatever feelings you are giving off. Not to mention the fact that we are predators, while horses are prey animals. If Kaylee, the predator, were to be fearful while astride Zoey, the prey, then Zoey’s first thought might be, “Oh no! There must be something really scary if the predator on my back is nervous!” This would likely be followed by Zoey spooking and possibly flinging Kaylee off of her back while she’s at it. Now of course if Kaylee has a good seat, (meaning she is well able to balance herself on a horse), then this wouldn’t be as big of a problem, but that is besides the point.

In order to do big things in your spiritual walk, you need big bravery. You need to be able to remain calm. You need peace, His peace. The only way to conquer fear is by faith. The only way to have faith is through Jesus Christ Himself who gives generously to all who come to Him. Now coming to Jesus is the easy part, what can be difficult is maintaining the faith that He has given you.Truly believing that your God is bigger than any fear inducing obstacle in our lives is the work that He has for us.

Sometimes bravery simply looks like waiting, trusting, and already knowing that He has got you.


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