Self Control

The Journey

When we start our youngsters on horseback, we typically have a few supporters walking along side them and their horse. This way they feel safe and have someone, (typically mom) to catch them when they start to slip off. The most common thing i have to reiterate to our young riders is to look up!

When riding a horse, it is very important to look in the direction that you wish to go. Horses are extremely sensitive and will typically follow the direction of their rider’s gaze. Some people who are highly in tune with their horse can simply think about the direction that they want to go and their horse will adjust his stride accordingly. Many new riders are tempted to look down when they are on horseback, (mostly to look at their horse’s ears because they’re so darn cute!)

It’s also quite intimidating to be on a thousand pound animal for the first time, which is why riding a horse requires great faith! Unfortunately, if a rider’s eyes are looking down, then their horse simply won’t go in their desired direction. Not to mention, the rider will miss out on what is ahead of them, either something beautiful or something potentially dangerous.

One thing that i know to be true is that we all have a unique journey here on this earth. God has set a beautiful path before each and every one of us, filled with blessings we can only grasp if we stay in tune with Him. We may wander off in the wrong direction, but He is faithful to always redirect us and catch us when we start to slip. It is our job to look up in full faith and keep our eyes on the prize leading us to where we want to go.


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